Seiho – Healing

Restorative massage techniques are used to relax tense muscles.

What is seiho?

Shorinji Kempo includes healing and resuscitation techniques based on the same set of meridians used in traditional Chinese medicine. Making a positive contribution to society is key to the philosophy and this side of the martial art is a clear manifestation of this principle. 

Using this side of Kempo, it is possible to help de-stress someone, relax tense muscles, or give relief with injuries they might have. Even if you are perfectly healthy, seiho is an excellent practice to end a class with!

How does seiho work?

Acupressure is often used where you press with fingers onto acupuncture points. Joint manipulations and massage are also taught, and other methods too. More advanced students may learn about resuscitation and bone realignment, although for obvious reasons we don’t get much chance to practice these techniques!

Seiho is performed without equipment and fully clothed, so once a student has some basic instruction it is an ideal thing to practice at home on your friends and family.