Three daily exercises to improve your martial arts – and body

We all know that we should do more exercise. Our once- or twice-a-week martial arts classes are not enough to balance out our long days of sitting at a desk hunched over a keyboard. But what should you do to maximise the impact in the time you have available?

Bristol Shorinji Kempo: Indoor Martial Art Training Returns

Following the official British Shorinji Kempo Federation (BSKF) guidance for returning to usual training practices, indoor training has resumed, with the group meeting twice per week.  No longer weather dependent, the Bristol Shorinji Kempo Dojo has resumed indoor training sessions. This means back to formalities, in-class meditations, philosophy teaching and one less excuse to skipContinue reading “Bristol Shorinji Kempo: Indoor Martial Art Training Returns”

Bristol Shorinji Kempo: Outdoor Martial Art Training Returns

The last year or so has been weird, to say the least. And one of the things we’ve really missed at the Bristol Shorinji Kempo Dojo is training in person.  Our zoom classes have been great, of course, but there are obviously a few aspects of martial art training that work, well, better in theContinue reading “Bristol Shorinji Kempo: Outdoor Martial Art Training Returns”

Coming together for violence and friendship

Last weekend Shorinji Kempo kenshi from all over the UK came to Bristol to train together. Here we are proving that no matter how many people you put in a room, somehow there is always a gap that nobody is in. Sensei Rob Villiers (6th Dan) and Sensei Richard Jarman (5th Dan) taught sessions onContinue reading “Coming together for violence and friendship”