Coming together for violence and friendship

Last weekend Shorinji Kempo kenshi from all over the UK came to Bristol to train together.

Here we are proving that no matter how many people you put in a room, somehow there is always a gap that nobody is in.

Sensei Rob Villiers (6th Dan) and Sensei Richard Jarman (5th Dan) taught sessions on topics including juho randori, dantai embu, and the ever popular kihon.

Dan grades and kyu grades trained together, and proved once again that white belts have as much to contribute to a class as black belts.

After finishing off the afternoon with some techniques from our own grades’ syllabuses, we moved on to an important post-training event: curry! Alas, I was having too much fun to remember to take a photo, so you’ll have to use your imagination for that one.

It was good to see so many people there. We’re already looking forward to the next opportunity to meet up again.

Published by Nicola Higgins

Nicola Higgins is a 30-something* martial artist, Girlguiding Brownie and Ranger Leader, and actuary. She somehow also finds time to read, fuss her cat, and occasionally spends time with her husband. [* please note that "ten or more" is still something.]

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